Want to meet us? Check out what we’ve got coming up!

Want to meet us?
Check out what we’ve got coming up!

October 29, 2018
Production Grade Kubernetes | GOTO Berlin

Join Container Solutions Director of Technology Phillip Strube and Kubernetes trainer Lajos Papp for a Production Grade Kubernetes workshop. Participants will get an overview of the key Kubernetes concepts and then practice deploying, updating and exposing an application running on a cluster. They will emerge able to understand the reasons behind best practices for production-grade apps on Kubernetes — and how to implement them…read more

Berlin, Germany | $XXX

November 13, 2018
Production Grade Kubernetes | ContainerConf

In this hands-on workshop, Container Solutions Director of Technology Phillip Strube and Director of Technology for Container Solutions Switzerland, Michael Muller, will summarize the basic concepts and functions of Kubernetes and ensure you have the foundations you need to develop cloud native applications on Kubernetes.

They will then guide participants through a demo application in several exercises, from a simple initial implementation to the gradual improvement and finally full implementation using best practices. The workshop includes detailed discussion these best practices and common anti-patterns for deploying and running applications on Kubernetes. Note: the workshop will be given in German, while the training materials are available only in more

Mannheim, Germany | $XXX

November 23, 2018
Production Grade Kubernetes | GOTO Copenhagen

There are many resources out there to get you started using Kubernetes, but what happens when you actually want to take things into production? Container Solutions Cloud Native engineer Russell Trow leads this workshop to teach beginner-level developers and sysadmins basic Kubernetes concepts, plus practical exposure to: Multi-master clusters; Readiness / Liveness Probes; Advanced deployments (Canary, A/B, Blue/Green); Auto Scaling; High Availability; Monitoring; and RBAC.  read more

Copenhagen, Denmark | $XXX