Microservices for managers

Microservices for managers

New function in minutes not months.

This one-day workshop provides a grounding in microservices for technical managers tasked with leading teams through a Cloud Native migration and microservices implementation.

Combining a thorough review of the core concepts with insights and best practices, the program offers managers the opportunity to consider:

  • How microservices align with organizational strategy
  • How best to manage the transition to microservices
  • How to excite and inspire colleagues to create a microservices culture  

Who should attend?

The program is designed for experienced technical managers who are leading teams of engineers and developers on a Cloud Native journey which includes the implementation of microservices.

It does not require any foundation knowledge of microservices, however a background in software engineering or architecture is an advantage.

The program is also suitable for managers who:

  • Are considering implementing microservices
  • Want to gain an overview of microservices, the benefits they can bring, and the pitfalls surrounding implementation.

What can I expect fromthe course?

The workshop will be highly interactive and encourage managers to contribute their experiences and participate in activities and exercises designed to develop their understanding of microservices.

Managers will leave with a plan for engaging and inspiring their team and applying what they have learnt to implement microservices.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion participants will be able to:

  • Describe the core concepts in microservices
  • Outline the key steps in implementing microservices
  • Identify the potential challenges and pitfalls in a microservices implementation
  • Communicate their vision for the opportunities and outputs of microservices implementation
  • Develop a plan for engaging and inspiring their team to implement microservices


Topics covered

  • Becoming Cloud Native
  • Core concepts in microservices
  • The microservices journey
  • Technical Leadership


Required Experience

To get the most out of this program, you should have basic knowledge of:

  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Agile methodologies


Business Benefits

  • Talk about cloud native migration and microservices with reference to the core concepts and technologies
  • Visualise the journey to implementing microservices and your part in it
  • Evaluate the approach (are microservices right for me?)
  • Understand the processes / (anti-) patterns / tools / challenges / pitfalls of implementing microservices
  • Feel confident of your role in the transition to the new world
  • Build an affinity with engineers and help them address their challenges

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