Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Is the training for?

Our courses are designed to help DevOps engineers and developers to improve their hands-on skills in new technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

How are the courses structured?

We use a mix of theory and hands-on practice to ensure people understand not only what to do, but why.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

Students actively participate in our workshops, so be sure to bring your laptop and charger.


Who delivers the training?

Our courses were written by some of the industry leaders in their fields. They are delivered by experienced developers and engineers.
On request, our advanced courses can be given by the distinguished authors themselves.

Do you have trainers near me?

Probably. We have offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, London and Montreal.
Our trainers are always on the go and we regularly deliver courses worldwide.
Let us know where you are, and we’ll see who can be there.
Check our Workshops page for some of our upcoming public sessions.

Courses for companies

Where do you hold courses?

We can run a workshop at your site or arrange a nearby venue.

Is there a minimum or a maximum number of participants?

We prefer to limit the number of participants to 15-20 to let us give attendees all the hands-on help they need.

How much does a private workshop cost?

We have a per instructor per day fee for each course, which covers up to 12 attendees. There is an additional per participant cost for each guest beyond 12, but we do encourage an upper limit of 20 people.

How do I book a private training course?

Contact us here.

Custom Courses

Can I tailor a course to suit my needs?

Our work as consultants made us experts in adapting our training to suit individual needs. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll create something that answers your Cloud Native challenges.

Can you provide training in areas not listed on the website?

We are experts in Cloud Native, Microservices, CI/CD, DevOps culture, Kubernetes and everything to do with Docker and containers.
We are happy to customize a course within our fields of expertise.

Got a question?

We’ll reach out with what we can offer you.