Find security in scaling.

Breaking up monolithic applications into a distributed system can revolutionize your business’ speed, margin and capacity to scale.

Breaking up monolithic applications into distributed systems – aka adopting a Microservice architecture – can potentially revolutionize the speed at which your company can get new features to market, as well as improving system resilience and ability to scale. However, it is easy to get wrong. Mistakes in Microservice design introduce security vulnerabilities, system performance problems, and hard-to-find bugs — and can drive up hosting costs.


Securing Microservices

This two-day workshop is designed and run by industry experts Sam Newman (author of Building Microservices) and Adrian Mouat (author of Using Docker). The course teaches participants how to build secure, containerised Microservice architectures. This course is an excellent addition to the skillset of engineers already familiar with the basics of Docker and a Microservices architecture.

Microservices for managers

Our one-day program provides a foundation for managers who are leading teams through a Microservices implementation.
The course combines a thorough review of the core concepts with insights and best practices.

Custom Course

We can provide the two-day course above as separate one-day courses. We can also deliver tailored courses specific to an enterprise’s current progress in Microservices – whether just starting out or building upon an existing system.

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