Containers & Orchestration

Containers & Orchestration

Move Fast and Scale

Containers are the key to cloud native’s flexibility and scaling.

Containers runtimes like Docker and orchestrators like Kubernetes are becoming fundamental to flexible and scalable modern systems. However, using them successfully means learning new tools and processes. In our courses we cover how to use Docker, Kubernetes and other popular tools for faster deployment, better use of Cloud resources, and tighter security. We offer off-the-shelf courses in the major tools or custom training for your particular needs.


Docker Essentials

In this workshop participants learn the basic theory behind containers and gain hands-on experience of Docker. The session takes engineers from running their first Docker containers all the way through to building a simple registry. Attendees will get a solid grounding in how to use Docker.

Kubernetes Essentials

This hands-on workshop teaches participants the basics of Kubernetes for developers. Attendees learn the core concepts behind Kubernetes and get hands-on experience with deployment techniques and runtime operations. The course provides a thorough grounding in how to deploy, update and — when necessary — kill applications running on Kubernetes.

Production-Grade Kubernetes

In this hands-on workshop, attendees deploy a demo application and improve it through multiple iterations. Participants experience best practices for production-grade Kubernetes by deploying, updating and exposing their demo application on a cluster. They learn how to work with volumes, zero downtime deployment, setting resource limits, load balancing, service discovery and Pods. This is an excellent course for upgrading the skills of developers who are already familiar with the basics of Kubernetes.

Customised Courses

We also offer training tailored to your enterprise’s unique situation and needs. Our customised courses tailor the learning outcomes to your company’s current environment — and ensure that your team learns how to use the right tools for the job.

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