Our Courses

Go cloud native!

What skill level do I need?

We offer courses for every level of DevOps, Microservices or Cloud Native experience.

From an introduction to the Cloud to advanced Microservices security training, every developer can improve their skill set. We tailor our custom courses to the needs of the organization, both in the topics addressed and the pre-existing skills of the participants.  

Our Credentials

We are an official Kubernetes Training Partner, and we have Linux Foundation certified trainers.

Need Something Special?

New Cloud Native technologies bring different opportunities and challenges to every company.
Our custom courses are designed to answer your business’ specific needs.

Custom Workshops

We can devise workshops to build a solid foundation of skills for your team to meet your current technology challenges. Whether it’s your use of Kubernetes or securing your Microservices, our tailored approach will help make your team competent and confident to address the task.


Our guided hackathons bring great people together to problem-solve against the clock. Our fast cycle of discover, define, and deliver can be the key to leaping over organisational gridlock.  


A Bootcamp is perfect for a company that wants to evolve with new tech but is unsure if employees have the current knowledge and training to take advantage of it. Our intensive lab builds these skills from the ground up – wherever that ground happens to be!

Caught Your Interest?

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