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Training engineers in the fundamentals of Kubernetes

Container Solutions is not your ordinary cloud consultancy. We don’t want to be the experts — instead, our aim is to make you the experts in your own Cloud Native Transformation.

Our recent, and highly successful, training programme for gives an excellent view of our process at work.

The challenge wanted to deliver new functionality more rapidly and they needed infrastructure that would help them. 

They realised a broad knowledge of Kubernetes would enable their engineers to take ownership of the services that they developed and reduce reliance on the central infrastructure team for support.


The solution were confident in their ability to build the new Kubernetes-based system. What they needed was an efficient way to teach their developers how to use it, including guided practice to help them become confident and self-sufficient.

Together, we created a Kubernetes training course for their development teams as part of their new infrastructure rollout.


The result

Within 3 months, they had gained the skills they needed to train their own staff, while we simultaneously trained the first cohorts of their engineers.

By early Autumn, 200 of their developers were trained and confident in the new tools, and had gained the capacity to train the rest of their own developers as they transition to the new infrastructure.

The proof of training is in the transfer. Did their developers learn what they needed?

90% of the learners felt they had improved their knowledge and skills:

  • “It was one of the best sessions I’ve attended […]. Very good balance between theoretical concepts and hands-on exercises”
  • “It’s great for people with zero skills of Kubernetes.”
  • “Very knowledgeable instructor and interesting material.”
  • “This course was very useful for understanding Kubernetes. Reading the documentation is slightly overwhelming – this course helped put a lot of the documentation into context”

The result was trained staff and a happy client who met all their requirements for the project.

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