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Who Are We?

Why Us?

At Container Solutions we help global brands exploit the Cloud and Cloud Native technologies. As an international IT consultancy we understand that helping employees learn to use their new tools is crucial for a successful migration. We developed our training portfolio from our real-world experience guiding clients onto the Cloud — and teaching them the skills necessary to thrive there.

Where We Come From

Container Solutions was established in 2014 to help companies take advantage of fast-evolving technology. Container Solutions has helped its clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, migrate to the cloud, build their own Cloud Native capabilities and create new Cloud Native business. Our dedicated teams work directly with our clients to implement tailored solutions quickly and effectively. We developed our training program in response to the need we saw for hands-on Cloud Native skills. Find out more about us – www.container-solutions.com

Trusted By

There are only a few companies in the world that are recognized as both Kubernetes Trainers and Consultants. We’re one of them. Our experience doesn’t just make us official Kubernetes Training Partners; it makes every aspect of our work better.

Our Top Trainers

Our courses are as good as our people.

Sam Newman

Microservices expert, Sam Newman wrote the current best-selling O’Reilly book, which happens to be on the subject.
Building Microservices

Phil Winder

 Big Data expert, Phil Winder is an award-winning speaker on Cloud Native and the marriage between DevOps and data.

Ian Crosby

 Kubernetes expert, Ian Crosby is a popular speaker and writer on Kubernetes adoption and evolution.
Delivering Kubernetes Native Applications with Helm

What We See in the Future

We love to talk about Cloud Native! Our blog is where we explore ideas, discussing every kind of topic related to this rapidly developing technology, and share strategies. Also, check out our social media for the latest Container Solutions news and updates.