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At Container Solutions, we’ve been helping global brands exploit Cloud Native technologies since 2014. We understand that learning to use the latest tech tools is crucial for enterprises to compete. We developed our training portfolio from our real-world experience guiding clients, including Fortune 500, onto the Cloud and teaching them the skills to thrive there.

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  • High impact workshops on Cloud Native technologies including Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Custom Cloud Native courses in key areas such as Continuous Delivery and Microservices, tailored to the unique needs of your enterprise.
  • New skills and advanced training on development and ops tools for your engineers.
  • Check out our courses. Our workshops can be adapted for length and area of focus. If you don’t find the perfect fit, find out how we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

“This course was very useful for understanding Kubernetes. Reading the documentation is slightly overwhelming – this course helped put a lot of the documentation into context”

Kubernetes Essentials participant

Our Training Experience

Learn the Skills to Scale

Cloud Native offers the potential to scale like never before at a pace that’s unprecedented. To take full advantage your developers and engineers need the expertise to access all its possibilities.

Hardwire in Reliability

Make your systems self-healing. Improve reliability and scalability by removing human intervention in crashes. Let your engineers worry about enhancements not fire-fighting.

Grow Your Engagement

When you give employees the support they need to do their work better, you don’t just see an increase in productivity. You see better morale, with people who are more satisfied in their jobs.

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