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What we offer

We offer modular workshops in Cloud Native technologies, mainly Docker and Kubernetes.

We also design custom courses in DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud Native architectures and Microservices that are tailored to the unique needs of an enterprise.

We can introduce your employees to a new skill or give them advanced training on a specific tool.

Check out our course portfolio. Our standardized workshops can be adapted for length and area of focus. If you don’t find the perfect fit,  find out how we can tailor a program to meet your needs.

Learn the Skills to Scale

Cloud Native offers the potential to scale like never before and at a pace that’s unprecedented. To take full advantage of it, though, your developers and engineers need the expertise to access all its sprawling possibilities.

Hardwire in Reliability

You can improve reliability as well as scalability. By removing the need for human intervention in crashes, you can make your infrastructure support self-reliant. They can focus on improvements to the system, instead of fighting spot-fires. You can reduce clashes to get new releases out better and faster.

Grow Your Engagement

When you give employees the support they need to do their job better, you don’t just see an increase in productivity. You see better morale, with people who are more satisfied in their careers.

What makes us unique?


Container Solutions has helped guide some of Europe’s largest enterprises and most agile startups through successful Cloud Native migrations. Our engineers are proven experts. We know how Cloud Native skills can revolutionise a business – and we know how to teach them.


Our researchers, writers and trainers are engineers at the forefront of Cloud tech as it develops. We use the technology in real world enterprises every day. Our trainers are deeply familiar with cutting-edge technology and with how real companies adapt to it and exploit it.


We are a curious company. The tech landscape is in constant evolution and our team of trainers is always investigating, experimenting, using, and learning. We built our workshops so other developers get to learn from our experiences, even as the technology evolves.


At Container Solutions, we always begin by identifying your enterprise’s unique circumstances and needs before even thinking about the tech. We know that enterprises need both the best new technology — and the means to use it effectively. Our trainers are skilled at assessing exactly what tools and skills you need to succeed in the Cloud, and then guiding you through the learning process.